Nanna Ditzel

1923 — 2005

While studying furniture design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Nanna first collaborated with then later married Jorgen Ditzel. Having been well received at the 1944 Cabinetmakers’ Annual Exhibition in Copenhagen, the pair went on to establish their own design studio in Hellerup, DK. With a focus on interior design solutions for small spaces, Ditzel pioneered the use of kitchen units as room dividers. She found inspiration in new materials and techniques, experimenting with fiberglass, foam rubber, and wickerwork in various construction methods throughout her career. Her works are noted for their sensuous textures and sense of lightness. Ditzel was said to have an appetite for change, which fueled her lifelong exploration in furniture design, cabinetry, textiles, jewelry design, tableware, and applied arts. Nanna Ditzel held one-woman exhibitions in the greatest cities around the world and was granted numerous international awards.

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