Danish Modern Rosewood Finn Juhl NV 45 Arm Chair

Danish Modern Rosewood Finn Juhl NV 45 Arm Chair

Product Price: $49,500
Designer: Finn Juhl
Material(s): Brazilian Rosewood
Dimensions: 32.68" H x 27.17" W x 30.32" D
Manufacturer: Niels Vodder
Product ID: 5601
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this exquisite and rare rosewood piece showcases Finn Juhl’s highly sought-after design, the NV 45. it’s a rare find, as this design is scarcely available, especially in Brazilian Rosewood, meticulously crafted by the master cabinet maker Niels Vodder. our example remains in its original, pristine state, complete with the original purchase order from Den Permanente A/S (dated May 11th, 1984) and the original tag from Niels Vodder in Allerod, Denmark. according to Niels Vodder’s son, who oversaw the workshop at the time, this specific chair was one of the last three 1960s productions of the 45 chair crafted in Brazilian Rosewood at the Niels Vodder studio.


professional, skilled furniture restoration is an integral part of what we do every day. our goal is to provide beautiful, functional furniture that honors its illustrious past. our restoration workshop is continuously refining ways to clean and restore while still preserving the patina that quality vintage furniture so patiently acquires.


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