Street Walkin’

September 22nd, 2010


My first week in Edinburgh could be compared to a chocoholic in Belgium during the St. Valentine’s festival. As far as fashion goes, Edinburgh has topped Manhattan for its people watching potential.  There is, of course, an assorted effort in dress, but on the whole, the citizens of Edinburgh put an effort into their dress a level higher than those in Minneapolis, and though not more so than New Yorkers, there is a marked difference in approach, most likely because many have recently arrived from across Europe.

On the whole, the style here is more playful. Though I wouldn’t say it’s common, I’ve seen quite a few women donning unnaturally bright hair colors in a trendy fashion outside the typical anti-establishment subgenre. The hairstyles in general are more daring, i.e. partly buzzed cuts on women, wildly matted do’s for men, and either polished perfection or purposely long and untamed. The male attire harkens back to the era of Pony Boy, with tight jeans cuffed above the ankle, greased short hair parted off to the side, and tortoise shell specs or shades. For both men and women there is in full force  what I saw as the beginning of a trend on the streets of Manhattan, the artistic mix of utilitarian apparel with posh pieces. Aside from influence by the runways and then the top trendy stores like TopShop, I wonder if it is possibly more prevalent here for comfort in dreary weather or because of the natural ruggedness prevalent throughout Scotland. Reason aside, as it doesn’t really matter, I find the trends this autumn more free and enjoyable than those in the recent past. Mix a jean jacket with a set of brown leather hiking boots and a silk dress. So whether you're channeling Joan Jett or Audrey Hepburn, have fun with it, because anything goes!

Caroline Engel for Danish Teak Classics

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