Senior Living, Danish Style.

April 23rd, 2011



This is a retirement community? Can I live here?

The residential unit shown here is located on the outskirts of Copenhagen, a part of a community of homes for retired individuals and couples. The exterior of these units feature a blackened brick in combination with metal dormers, a sharp contrast to the luminous interiors. Danish interiors are known for their white walls, leaving the color impact to the artwork and maximizing reflectance of the abundant natural light.

The plan features a kitchen wall adjacent to an open living area followed by a partitioned bedroom space. Partitions can be placed in the unit according to individual needs, providing the opportunity for a variety of spatial arrangements, both public and private. & the light! An entire exterior window wall offers views out to a sloping landscape. Clerestory windows allow deep light penetration without compromise of privacy. This particular unit has been furnished with a falcon chair and an elegant tiered pendant, typically Scandinavian.

Anne Klemm for Danish Teak Classics

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