The Scandinavian Summer House

September 18th, 2011


Fall temperatures have whipped into the twin cities, reminding us that summer does not last forever in Minnesota.  The sudden weather change has impelled me to reflect on the soon-to-end summer season. Not too different in concept from Midwesterners spending the weekend at lake home, many Scandinavians take time during the summer months to relax at a summer house or 'sommerhus' along the abundant coasts of Denmark and the other Scandinavian countries. These homes are not quite the log cabin builds that are common in Wisconsin and Minnesota, but instead, embody the ideals of function and simplicity that are also evident in Danish furniture design. These occasional dwellings are not about big. They are about natural light, the connection to the landscape and time well spent, together.


If you don't think you've made the most of your summer season, it's never too early to plan for the next one! Or at least make some preliminary goals… You, your family and friends may even want to rent a Danish sommerhus of your own. The website Danish Holiday Homes can hook you up:


Anne Klemm for Danish Teak Classics

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