RALPH RAPSON: Chair Design – the Architect’s Studio, Opening Reception + Release Event!

December 22nd, 2011

The event will feature both vintage and new Rapson rockers to view and test, as well as design sketches from the Ralph Rapson collection archives. Attendees will have the exciting opportunity to vote for the next Ralph Rapson chair design to be produced. All are welcome.

Rapson Bentwood Rocker https://www.danishteakclassics.com/products/rapson-bentwood-rocker/ | Rapson Greenbelt Rocker https://www.danishteakclassics.com/products/rapson-greenbelt-rocker/ | Highback Rapson Greenbelt Rocker https://www.danishteakclassics.com/products/highback-rapson-greenbelt-rocker/

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