Nordic Models + Common Ground: Art and Design Unfolded

November 15th, 2010

Local Minnesota architect, David Salmela FAIA, is among the 35 artists and designers hand-picked to represent the current trends in Scandinavian design. Marking the 10th anniversary of the Scandinavia House in New York and the 100th anniversary of the American-Scandinavian Foundation, the exhibit aims to procure a demographically and geographically varied collection of works to show that the Nordic values are not bound by boarders. With a history of egalitarian politics and design, the architecture and products showcased demonstrate the viability and beauty of socially responsible design, often with a sense of humor as well. The recently completed Bagley Classroom at the University of Minnesota-Duluth campus, designed by David Salmela FAIA, was awarded LEED Platinum certification for environmental sustainability. The building has a minimal footprint, superior insulation, and a solar passive heating system that is estimated to reduce the energy needs by 90%. The exhibition was curated by the internationally-renown architecture firm Snøhetta, who collaborated with Brooklyn's Situ Studio on the installations. It looks to be a truly inspiring exhibition of mixed media, including architecture, fashion, photography, graphic design, product design, and fine art.

The Nordic Models exhibit runs through 9 March, 2011.

Scandinavia House: The Nordic Center in America

58 Park Avenue (@ 38th Street)

New York, NY 10016

Individuals and Firms Represented

in the Exhibition:


BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) – architecture (firm)

Bureau Detour – design/art/urban design (firm/collective)

Jeppe Hein – sculpture and installation (individual)

Mathias Bengtsson – furniture design (individual)

Studio Louise Campbell – industrial design (individual)



Anne Kyrrö Quinn – industrial design (individual)

Anttinen Oiva Architects – architecture (firm)

David Salmela – architecture (individual)

Elina Brotherus – photography (individual)

Hollmén Reuter Sandman – architecture (firm)

JKMM Architects – architecture (firm)

NOW for Architecture & Urbanism Oy – architecture & urban design (firm)


bara Design/Bjargey Ingólfsdóttir – design (individual)

Fanney Antonsdóttir & Dögg Guðmundsdóttir – industrial design (individuals)

Hans Johansson – luthier (individual)

Katrin Ólina – graphic art and design (individual)

Landslag – landscape architecture (firm)

Studiobility/Guðrún Lilja Gunnlaugsdóttir – product and industrial design (firm)


Atelier Oslo – architecture (firm)

BC Barlindhaug – architecture (firm)

Daniel Rybakken – industrial design (individual)

Fantastic Norway AS – architecture (firm)

Helen and Hard – architecture (firm)

Jarmund-Vigsnæs AS – architecture (firm)

Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor AS – architecture (firm)

Jorunn Sannes – architecture (individual)

Liv Blåvarp – jewelry design (individual)

Marit Helen Akslen – fashion/textile design (individual)

May Bente Aronsen – artist (individual)


FORM US WITH LOVE – industrial design (firm)

Front – industrial design (firm)

Lars Tunbjörk – photography (individual)

Monica Förster – industrial design (individual)

Sandra Backlund – fashion design (individual)

Wingårdhs Design – architecture (firm)

*List of Individuals and Firms Represented sourced from the Scandinavia House website


Caroline Engel for Danish Teak Classics


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