Louise Campbell

July 15th, 2011



I was told by a Dane to imagine her as a high-energy woman, flailing her hands as she speaks and smokes a cigarette: a constant stream of creativity flowing out of her. This contemporary Copenhagen designer is making her mark with products that are playful, innovative and full of spirit. Born to an English mother and Danish father, Campbell’s work reaches beyond her cultural influences into a world without artistic limitations that avoids such labels as ‘artist,’ ‘furniture designer’ or ‘interior designer.’ Her styling talent and forward thinking approach has produced packaging concepts, lighting, interior embellishments and furniture with intriguing social commentary.

Seesaw (center), a dynamic furniture piece, was designed for an exhibition on waiting rooms. Campbell's website description says it all:

“This piece is intended for lounge and waiting areas, where strangers are encouraged to interact a little more than usual. Sitting alone on the seesaw is awkward, sitting two or more is a hell of a lot of fun.

Another design, the Prince Chair (right) was conceptualized for the “Design a Chair for His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Frederik” competition in 2001. The fairytale of this design is communicated in its folky geometries and airy massing.The chair is made with a layer of laser cut steel topped with a layer of water cut neoprene rubber laminated in felt for an alternative to the traditional upholstery composition. 

Many industrial designers in Denmark are also currently working with open structure pieces. For more conceptual inspiration, investigate the work of Neils Hvass and his wife Christina Strand: two graduates of the Danish School of Design, designing furniture under the label Hvass+Strand. 


Anne Klemm for Danish Teak Classics

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