Lie-Nielsen Toolworks at Danish Teak Classics March 16th-17th 2012

March 2nd, 2012

To many of our clients, what goes on in the workshop is somewhat of a mystery, and few have had the opportunity to see their pieces in the mid-restoration phase. Even more of a mystery is how the pieces fresh off the boat from Denmark make their transformation from unloved and neglected, to revived and brilliant once again. This upcoming event, free and open to fellow woodworking enthusiasts, modernist lovers, clients and to the general public, will shed some light on the restoration processes here at Danish Teak Classics and how our woodworkers use traditional hand tools every day.


There is a certain skill set necessary to work with modern 20th century furniture. One may look at it's pared-down simplicity and think it would be rather easy to restore compared to an ornately-carved 19th century piece. However, it is quite the opposite, as the sleek simplicity leaves no room to hide flaws or mistakes. This event is not only a rare opportunity to see the inside workings of our shop, but it is also a chance for us to show the local community the high level of craftsmanship of our woodworkers. We are excited to host Lie-Nielsen's Hand Tool Event, and to put traditional woodworking skills in the context of modern design. The DTC Showroom will work as a venue to highlight local furniture designers who employ both modern and traditional tools to create modern functional objects. 

Similar to DTC, Lie-Nielsen began with the intent to revive good old designs that had fallen out of production. Starting in 1981, Lie-Nielsen began reproducing high quality, well designed tools which were affordable to the average woodworker. Some designs have been refined and some materials have been replaced with a better substitute, but in essence, the tools retain the beautiful aesthetic of no-fuss functional tool made of fine materials. Lie-Nielsen states that they remain stubbornly local and old fashioned in their manufacturing preferences, sourcing wood from Maine, metal casting from a foundry in New England, and local labor.

Throughout the day, the Lie-Nielsen team will be on hand with educational sessions and demonstrations. Stop by anytime during the show hours on Friday or Saturday to expand your woodworking knowledge and try you hand at it with some of the finest tools around. Whether you are an experienced woodworker or just gaining interest, it matters not one bit. All are welcome!

Lie-Nielsen & DTC Event:
Friday, March 16, 10a – 6p
Saturday, March 17, 10a – 5p

Caroline Engel for Danish Teak Classics

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