Koldinghus Castle

October 15th, 2010

Koldinghus Castle, located in east Juutland, has a long history full of modifications. The mid-thirteenth century Renaissance castle had its fortifications dismantled and two wing extensions constructed under the rule of King Christian III before King Christian IV commissioned the construction of an enormous square tower.

When I visited the castle early this year, one of the interior rooms was selected for the site of a modern furniture photo shoot. I curiously watched the proceedings from a balcony. (Notice the white 1960 Panton chair.)

In 1808, the structure was all but destroyed in a fire. An odd chipboard façade has replaced the exterior portion ruined by fire. The castle’s modern restoration is a source of controversy in the Danish architecture community. Should the castle have been restored to its original period style? Or is the modern restoration a more honest representation of the landmark’s significance and history?

Anne Klemm for Danish Teak Classics

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