Finn Juhl teak bowls for Kay Bojesen Modeller

May 16th, 2010



Finn Juhl was raised in a house of Chesterfield chairs, a high paneled Tudor dining room, a faux fireplace, and a player piano.  So there is hope for us all; we do not have to become our parents!  Trained as an architect, Juhl made important contributions to Danish Modernism in furniture design, interior design, and dinnerware.  In 1950, he landed a commission to design a porcelain service set for Bing & Grøndahl.  For reasons unknown, this beautiful set, a piece of which he is holding in the upper right photo, never came into fruition.  Juhl had also designed a silver flatware set for a competition held by Georg Jensen around that same time, which he did not win.  In 1969, he also collaborated with Venini glassworks in Murano, but again, these designs were never produced.  Fortunately, in 1951 and 1954, Kay Bojesen produced a set of teak bowls designed by Juhl.  The beauty as well has the rarity make these pieces highly collectible, of which the large bowl is most highly sought.  Having recently worked on one, I can attest to the stunning and eye-catching quality of it.  It is a shame he didn’t have the opportunities to be more prolific in these arts; we are left to wonder what his abilities may have yielded. 

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