The Dezeen Book of Ideas

November 8th, 2011



Dezeen, an online design magazine, has released two books of interest for the design minded individual. The Dezeen Book of Ideas is a compilation of 116 design innovations selected from Dezeen's deep archives. The selection covers architecture, interiors and design, most of which are inspiring and uplifting in their conceptual approach to creating a better life through design. Mobile phones powered by fizzy drinks, fabric cars and houses with indoor slides are just a few of the featured projects. The book is filled with large, colored photos accompanied by current, rewritten commentary. Dezeen is the world's most influential online architecture and design resource; one I can vouch is definitely worth a bookmark. 


One of the most ingenious products featured in the book is an expanding bookshelf by Reinier de Jong. Sleek and functional, the REK bookcase is as much an essential piece of furniture as it is sculptural. Rather than taking up an allocated amount of space in your home, this shelf expands with your book collection, only using up as much space as necessary. 

The Corpus 2.0 photographs by Amsterdam based artist, Marcia Nolte, examine the concept of amending the body to our needs, rather than designing a product around our bodies. Each photo exhibits a subtle, but jarring mutation; an enlarged shoulder to keep a purse strap from slipping, a high-heeled heel, a cigarette slot in the lips [see photo above]. Nolte chooses to work with every day objects and experiences, then challenges herself and viewers to see each with fresh eyes.


Published alongside the Dezeen Book of Ideas this year is the 2012-2013 edition of the London Design Guide, edited by Spotlight Publisher's founder, Max Fraser. The book highlights the city's design galleries, bookshops, museums and all the best vintage and contemporary retailers. After following one of the walking tours, or browsing the sites around one of the neighborhoods the book is broken down into, you'll be in need of a strong coffee and a rest. For that, the guide suggests cafes, restaurants and bars selected for their credentials and creativity in design and food. 

Each book is sold for £12, or £20 for the pair. Of course, the books can be shipped worldwide for a small additional fee, making them a nice gift for anyone with a creative spirit.

Caroline Engel for Danish Teak Classics

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