The Annual

May 24th, 2011

The latest edition of the magazine, Creative Review, featured the best of advertising and design over the past year. Flipping through, I selected a few to highlight that tickled my fancy, but I would recommend getting your hands on a copy if this is your sort of creative interest. 

StreetMuseum – London iPhone App

The archives at the Museum of London have teamed up with App designers to create a personal, digital tour of London that blends history and the present. After downloading the StreetMuseum App, users can located images correlating to their exact position in London. If one is to hold their phone up to a street scene, a historic photograph, painting or drawing will appear and overlay part of the current, living scene, giving a unique juxtaposition of time.

Lego Cl!ck

Our friends over in Denmark have been commended a spot this year for their Lego Cl!ck film shorts. Created by Blue Source, the films each exhibit a heartwarming story, showing how great ideas sometimes just click – with the help of Lego. I don't know when Tv adverts became so enjoyable, but Blue Source has created a few other enjoyable commercials and music videos worth taking a look at.

The Temper Trap

The 'Love Lost' video by The Temper Trap features a boy's cross-country team lip syncing the lyrics while running a course on a dark, rainy day in England. The video is charming in its exploitation of adolescent awkwardness and lack of coordination, but I am not sure how the video's theme relates to the lyrics. Regardless, four minutes had passed before I knew it.

4th Amendment Underwear

Designers Matt Ryan and Tim Geoghegan created a line of underclothing to protest against the intrusive TSA x-ray body scanners now in practice at US airport security checkpoints. Printed across strategic places on the garment is the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution, which guards citizens against unreasonable search and seizure without being judicially sanctioned and supported by probably cause. The metallic ink appears on the scan and keeps what is private, private. I'm not sure how the security guards would react to these, but if you have a story, please drop me a line!

Caroline Engel for Danish Teak Classics 

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